2018 Tesla Model 3 (Red-Multi Coat) – CQUARTZ Finest Reserve & SunTek Ultra

This album showcases a nominal paint correction, correcting the defects left in the finish from the factory, left behind sanding marks and heightening the level of gloss on this brand new Model 3. After the paintwork was addressed, we collaborated with Carolina Auto Image for their expertise to lay SunTek Ultra (paint protection film) onto the vehicle for protection against rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris. Once the film was laid down, the paintwork and filmed areas were protected with CQUARTZ Finest Reserve.
The wheels were also removed, CQUARTZ was applied to the wheel faces along with the barrels. While the wheels were off, the brake calipers were cleaned and also treated with CQUARTZ.  The glass surfaces have been protected with CarPro FlyByForte glass coating.

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